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Transfort Rider Safety & Security

Transfort is committed to providing safe, reliable, and convenient transportation in our community. We prioritize the safety and security of our riders and take measures to ensure that everyone who rides with us feels comfortable and protected. We have a range of security measures in place on our buses and at our bus stops, as well as procedures and protocols to handle emergency situations. 

At Transfort, we believe that everyone deserves to travel with peace of mind and we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Enhance Your Safety with Transfort’s Real-Time Bus Tracking

At Transfort, we offer a real-time bus tracking tool to enhance rider safety and convenience. Riders can track the location of their bus and know exactly when it will arrive at their stop.

To access the Bus Tracker, you can download the RideTransfort app or use the Track Your Bus tool. You can search by bus route or bus stop number to see the exact location of the bus in real-time.

This feature not only enhances convenience for riders but also safety by allowing riders to plan their travels more effectively and avoid unnecessarily waiting at bus stops.

Security Measures

Transfort takes the safety and security of our riders very seriously. We have implemented several security measures on our buses and at bus stops to enhance rider safety.

Transit Service Officers

Transit Service Officers (TSOs) are special commissioned officers who focus their patrol on Transfort’s system. They have direct communication with both Transfort Operations as well as Police Services and are in place for the safety and security of our employees and passengers. TSOs are also very knowledgeable about Transfort’s system and can answer questions about routes and trip planning. 

In case of an emergency, call 911.

Riding at Night

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Solar Lights

Solar lighting installed at approximately 20 bus stops throughout the city provides increased visibility and safety for riders and also notifies bus operators that a passenger is waiting at the stop. These lights are completely solar-powered with a battery storage system and can be activated by using a push button. The light will stay illuminated for approximately 5 minutes. We are adding more lights at other stops as funding becomes available.

Route 6:
  • Stop ID 1382 Mulberry & City Park Ave.
  • Stop ID 1364 Horsetooth & Dunbar
Route 9:
  • Stop ID 766 Vine & Irish
  • Stop ID 767 Vine & Sunset
  • Stop ID 768 Vine & Hollywood
  • Stop ID 750 Laporte & Hollywood
Route 11:
  • Stop ID 1617 Taft & Westfield
  • Stop ID 876 Harmony & Larkbunting (also Rt. 19)
Route 14:
  • Stop ID 1598 Timberline & Vine
  • Stop ID 965 Lincoln & Airpark
  • Stop ID 966 Lincoln & Lincoln Ct.
  • Stop ID 967 Lincoln & Link Lane (WB)
  • Stop ID 953 Lincoln & Link Lane (EB)
  • Stop ID 957 Hwy 14 & Timberline
  • Stop ID 958 S. Frontage Rd. & Summit View
Route 16:
  • Stop ID 1279 Ziegler & Harmony
  • Stop ID 1426 Harmony & Technology
  • Stop ID 1281 Harmony & Snow Mesa
  • Stop ID 1460 Harmony & Innovation
Route 19:
  • Stop ID 876 Harmony & Larkbunting (also Rt. 11)
  • Stop ID 1403 Shields & Swallow
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Shine a Light

If you are waiting at a stop that does not have a nearby light source or solar light, remember this tip: when you see the bus approaching, turn your phone on or shine a light so the bus operator can see you. If we can’t see you waiting at the stop, the bus might pass by.

Security Call Boxes and Cameras on Buses

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Emergency Call Boxes

There are emergency call boxes at each MAX station including at the South Transit Center (STC) and at the Downtown Transit Center (DTC). Call boxes are marked with a blue light and are a direct line to 911 dispatchers. Cameras on each call box will focus on the caller once the button is pressed which can be viewed by 911 and Transfort dispatchers while the caller is talking.

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Cameras on Buses

All Transfort buses have cameras that capture both interior and exterior views of the bus. There is also audio on the cameras to help us capture the whole picture of an event. The cameras can be viewed remotely, meaning Transfort Operations or emergency services can see what is happening on the buses in real time. 

Your safety is our priority. As a reminder, your first point of contact if there is an incident on your bus, is the operator. Let the operator know what happened and if necessary, they will call a Transit Service Officer or emergency services.

Yield to the Bus, it’s the Law!

Have a heart and drive smart by yielding to the bus when the “yield” light is flashing.

If you’re behind a bus that has been at a bus stop and has the yield light flashing, please allow the bus to re-enter traffic. Failing to yield to the bus can result in a ticket or fine.

By yielding to the bus, you can help improve traffic flow along with transit reliability and safety for all. And it’s the law!

When you see a bus merging, follow these tips:

Tip #1

Use caution as you approach

Tip #2

Watch for the illuminated Yield to Bus light on the back of the Transfort bus

Tip #3

Slow down or stop to allow the bus to merge back into traffic

Tip #4

Do not attempt to change lanes quickly to overtake the bus