• 3 Safety Tips for Riding Transfort at Night

    A bus sits next to the curb in Fort Collins at night.

    Be safety awesome, follow these tips for riding the bus at night.

    1. Send a text for real-time departure info. Text instructions and bus stop numbers are at all bus stops and on the schedule. Text message: TFORT[SPACE][Bus Stop Number]. Send the message to: 41411.
      • Knowing the departure time will help you estimate your walking time to get to the bus stop and reduce your wait. But remember to arrive at the stop at least 5 minutes early. 
    2. Keep an eye out for the bus and be seen. You’ve read the stickers on the back of semi-trucks… “if you can’t see my mirrors, then I can’t see you.” Same concept here. Don’t stand behind the bus shelter or hidden from view. Buses do not stop at every stop automatically. If you can’t see the bus approaching, then the bus operator can’t see you and might pass by. 
    3. Shine a light. Some bus stops have solar powered lights activated by a push button – use it! If your stop doesn’t have a light source, turn your phone on to signal the driver and let them know you are there. 

    For more Transfort safety information visit our Safety and Security page.