A bus stop sign rests against a clear, blue sky.

Transfort Budget Overview

Transfort is committed to being transparent about its budgeting process and how it allocates funds to provide quality public transportation services to the Fort Collins community. The budget page provides information on the budgeting process, budget goals, and funding sources. We strive to make informed decisions that prioritize the needs of our riders while being fiscally responsible. Transparency and accountability are our top priorities, and we welcome any questions or feedback you may have about our budget.

Sources for Transfort Funding

Our main funding sources include local funds from the City of Fort Collins and state and federal grants. Transfort is committed to being transparent with our funding sources and how they are allocated to support our transit services. You can find more detailed information about our budget and funding sources below.

A pie chart shows distribution of Transfort funding sources: City of Fort collins - $9,962,764, Federal -  $9,591,963, Partnerships - $3,737,119, State - $1,740,613, Fares and Advertising - $852,248