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Plans & Projects

Plans and Projects

Route and Service Changes

Transfort welcomes comments and suggestions on its services at any time of the year. In order to provide consistent and reliable service, major changes are typically limited to once a year in the Fall.

Public comments are reviewed and evaluated according to Transfort Service Standards and Route & Fare Change Policy. If you would like to provide a comment, please call, email or use the City's web portal, Access Fort Collins.



January 2024 Proposed Service Changes

The City is considering several service enhancements that will take effect in January 2024. If you were not able to attend the public meeting in October, please provide comments to transfortinfo@fcgov.com or 970-221-6620.

Proposed January Transfort Service Enhancements

  • FLEX Alignment and Times: Realign the northern transfer point in Loveland from the Food Bank to the new Loveland North Transit Center (NTC) at 37th and Grant. Southbound FLEX to Loveland (F1) and FLEX to Longmont (F2) trips will depart a few minutes later from the Fort Collins South Transit Center. Minor time adjustments will be made to enhance connections with City of Loveland Transit (COLT) routes in Loveland and RTD routes in Longmont. Anticipated effective date: January 4th 2024.

  • FLEX Stops: FLEX to Loveland (F1) and FLEX to Longmont (F2) will serve the new stop at the Loveland North Transit Center in place of the existing stops on US 287 and 37th. FLEX Express to Boulder (F3) will not service the new Transit Center but will serve the stops on US 287 at 37th for an additional option in Loveland.

Comments on the proposed service changes can be provided to: transfortinfo@fcgov.com or 970-221-6620.

Map of FLEX Loveland & Longmont Changes

Map of FLEX Loveland & Longmont Changes

Map of FLEX Express to Boulder Changes

Map of FLEX Express to Boulder Changes

Proposed Timetables

FLEX Timetables


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