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Transfort provides bus service throughout Fort Collins, CO. We offer more than 20 bus routes and over 500 bus stops. Questions? Call us at 970-221-6620.

See a bus not on its normal route? It could be there for a variety of reasons, including coming to and from the bus… https://t.co/yk64Qiqp2S

Thanks to our dedicated staff! It may be the last day of Customer Service Appreciation Week, but that doesn't mean… https://t.co/IQW9MXCzFo

Old Town ✅ Friends ✅ A safe and easy ride home? ✅ Ride on the Gold Route on Friday and Saturday nights.… https://t.co/EVU2YR9zag

Did you know that Transfort's regional service, FLEX can help you get to Loveland, Longmont and Boulder? Check out… https://t.co/AGKdovcsFZ

Fun fact - it's Customer Service Appreciation Week! Our customer service staff ensures that riding Transfort is an… https://t.co/9QKEgOIbX1