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Bike Accommodations at MAX Stations

MAX Bike Parking

Downtown MAX Bike Parking and STC Bike n' Ride Shelter

MAX riders are encouraged to ride their bicycles to MAX stations and use the ample bike parking available. Racks are located on and adjacent to stations. The Downtown MAX stations have custom bicycle racks, thanks to the UniverCity Connections Transit and Mobility task force.

New Bike n' Ride Shelters at the STC and Mountain Station! This July Transfort and the City's Parking Services Department opened two secure bicycle shelters; one at the South Transit Center and the other in the Downtown Civic Center Parking Structure on Laporte and Mason. Bike n' Ride shelters are intended to provide long-term, secure and weather protected bicycle storage for commuters making connections to and from local or regional transit routes. Transit riders now have the option to leave a bike at a secure shelter for the first, last or both legs of their commute, extending their transit trip to locations not directly served by transit. The structures are open-air with a roof, walls and a locked door to protect parked bicycles from theft, vandalism and the elements. Entry into the locked structure will be limited to members that sign up for the program.

  • Interested in being a member? Annual Membership for the Bike n' Ride shelters is $20 plus a refundable $10 deposit. Sign-up at a Transit Center or call 221-6620 for more information.
  • Expansion plans in 2016! In 2016 Transfort and CSU plan to build two more Bike n' Ride shelters and integrate into Boulder County and RTD's network of Bike n' Ride shelters. Commuting by bike and bus has never been easier!

Transfort Conducts a Community Conversation

In an effort to understand all transit riders’ perspectives, Transfort initiated a community-wide conversation about bikes and buses in July 2014.

This was in response to public feedback indicating concerns over bike parking availability on the MAX vehicles since the launch of MAX this May. MAX buses accommodate four bicycles inside the vehicle and all other Transfort buses accommodate three bicycles on exterior racks. As ridership on MAX is high, space is limited to carry all bicycles that passengers try to bring onto MAX buses.

In response, Transfort provided a discussion forum of potential options for accommodating bikes on buses. Through this effort, Transfort sought:

• To develop community awareness of how bikes are accommodated on MAX and other buses.
• To provide a discussion forum for community perspectives on the role of bikes within the transit system.
• To identify and evaluate ideas for dealing with bikes in new ways within the transit system.

What did we learn?

What priorities were set by the community and Transfort?

Using the public feedback gained through the 3 month outreach effort, several priorities were set to review and compare ideas for dealing with bikes on and off the MAX vehicles. A full list of ideas and evaluation is available here for review.

1. Potential for increasing ridership
2. Maintains or increases bike capacity or reduces on-board demand
3. Maintains or increases boarding efficiency
4. Maintains a safe clear aisle
5. Maintains passenger load availability
6. Accommodates a range of bike types
7. Safely secures bikes
8. Does not increase operational costs
9. Is operationally/physically feasible

Recommended Short-term Actions

How did we receive feedback?

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