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Safety & Security

Solar Lights at Bus Stops

New solar lighting has been installed at approximately 20 bus stops to enhance security and help notify bus drivers that a passenger is waiting at the stop. See below for a list of stops with the new solar lights.

The new lights are completely solar powered with a battery storage system. Riders can activate the light using a push button. The light will stay illuminated for approximately 5 minutes.

No Smoking at Transfort Facilities

City Council adopted an ordinance restricting smoking at City operated facilities. The ordinance prohibits smoking at all Transfort facilities and on vehicles, including but not limited to:

  • transit centers, including platforms, sidewalks, and all other grounds
  • MAX stations
  • bus stops
  • buses

If you see smoking where it is not permitted, please report violations by calling 970-416-2200 or online using Access Fort Collins, under Nuisance Reporting.

Bus Passenger Code of Conduct & Suspension Policy

Click here to view the Transit Passenger Suspension Policy.

For more information on this policy, please call Transfort at 970.221.6620 or email transfortinfo@fcgov.com.

View all our tips for Responsible Riding here.

Code of Conduct

Yield to the Bus

If you’re behind a bus that has been at a bus stop and has the yield light flashing, please allow the bus to re-enter traffic. Failing to yield to the bus can result in a ticket or fine. Learn more

Have a Heart, Drive Smart